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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  October 4, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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stiller is now encouraging other men to get tested. a new hampshire man's home surveillance cameras were rolling when bullets started flying toward him. he ducked for cover and yelled at the shooter trying to get his attention. fox 25's robert ghoulston showed us why the man who opened fire row oh. >> reporter: you can see noah working in his yard when the shots rang out. [ sound of gunfire ] he takes cover >> wasn't a big deal at first and then i started hearing the bullets go through the tree's leaves above my head. >> reporter: he realized the beauties weren't just close by but one came through his bedroom wall. these are photos of the damage taken right after. it went all the way through the exterior wall and lodged itself in the hallway. >> reporter: police found the shooter down a dirt road about 300 yards away from noah's house. >> this was not intentional. it was not a drive-by shooting
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target practicing. >> the 28-year-old was firing his hand gun on property that he was legally okay to be on. in new hampshire, there are many large properties that people use to target, shoot or hunt. >> hunting season has begun. so i encourage people, if they don't want anyone on their property, to, you know, post it legally, you can contact us. we'd help you. >> reporter: noah, an avid target shooter and hunter himself hopes this reminds all gun owners to take the extra steps to be safer. >> but he s apologized, and he's agreed to pay for the damages. >> here are some of the shell casings from where he was doing that target practice. the 28-year-old says he will pay for all of the damages to noah's house. in barrington, new hampshire, robert ghoulston, fox 25 news. as hurricane matthew makes its way towards florida, officials are warning residents that the number of zika cases could rise because of the storm. florida governor rick scott has issued a state of emergency for all 67 counties. hurricane matthew could have a
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locally transmitted cases of the zika virus. the virus can be transmitted through mosquitoes breeding in standing water. they are now recommending residents not take any chances. >> regardless of direct impact, we can expect matthew to bring heavy rain to coastal communities. it's incredibly important that everyone does their part in combating zika. >> reporter: 20 new cases of zika are being investigated. the centers for disease control says there are 59 and more than 600 travel-related cases. thousands of people celebrated the life of golf legend arnold palmer today. his memorial service was held in his hometown of latrough pennsylvania, his grandson, jack nicholas and sports broadcaster jim nance spoke at the service. he made sure palm her the right send-off. >> can we give him one more? can we give him one more walk
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coming home, up the 18? would you join me. [ applause ] >> quite a moment, palmer died september 25th at the age of 87. he helped give golf worldwide sports. one of the thrills of a lifetime when i met him. >> he will be missed. local fire chief contacted us today, told frustrated. >> next, why he thinks lawmakers are failing to keep our students safe and what he wants them to do about it immediately. >> and park warnings and watches now in place for the coast of florida, even though this storm is just coming out of cuba. it's a category iv. the latest track on matthew and how it could come closer to new england, straight ahead. and ahead in our next half-hour, our special coverage of tonight's vice-presidential debate continues. we go in depth when a political historian and author tom wayland
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federal school districts are asking kids to raid their bikes to school tomorrow, tomorrow is the annual walk to school day in an effort to promote walking to school and get communities involved in making school routes safer and more popular for kids. drivers should keep an extra heads up in the morning to kids walking or biking in their tonight the local fire chief argues students at some schools are not safe. he contacted fox 25 and told us he's frustrated that lawmakers are not installing carbon monoxide detectors in every school. blair miller spent the day in douglas where the fire chief talked about the problems he's seeing firsthand. [ sirens ] >> it is personal. >> reporter: douglas fire chief can't forget this.
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hospital in march of 2014 when a boiler had misfired. the school didn't have carbon monoxide designators at the time. the chief made this promise to parents. >> i will argue and i will fight to get carbon monoxide detectors. i will protect the kids in this town and i'll protect the kids throughout the state, children throughout the state, and i promised them, and so far i haven't been able to deliver. >> reporter: the chief tells us he has made plea after plea on beacon hill pushing for a law that would require detectors in that hasn't happened. in fact, when we looked into it, we found the bill had been introduced and sent to the public safety committee in january of 2015. nothing more has really happened. last time anybody even looked at the bill was march of this year when it was sent to another committee. we tried to ask the lawmakers who sponsored the bill what the hold-up was, but they have not responded to our request. this chief wonders what it will
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>> reporter: we went by the schools today and found they are not following new laws but they're immediately putting in carbon monoxide designators to make sure all students, at least here, are protected. >> the children aren't safe in every school in the state, if they don't have carbon monoxide detectors in the schools that children attend, then they're at risk. >> it's not clear if money is standing in the way of putting one of these in every school here in the state. here in douglas, they spent about $40,000 to make sure each school here has one. news. now at 11:30, we're tracking hurricane matthew. the united nations says it left the biggest humanitarian crisis in haiti since the 2010 earthquake, good evening, everyone.
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lemanowicz got new information, and the news is good for new england. >> actually is favorable for new england, guys, but it doesn't mean it's good news for all these coasts. let's talk about this storm, made landfall on the south coast of cuba 8:00. still coming off the north coast. now, it'll move into the bahamas overnight, 130 mile-an-hour wind, getting heated up just a little bit by the mountains and cuba and the haitian mountains that came across, as well, 130 miles per hour by 8:00 a.m., still over warm water in the bahama holding its strength tomorrow evening in the bahamas, crossing nassau and freeport by thursday evening. look at the florida coastline. we've been talking about this all the time, with very to pay attention to the eastward possibilities and the westward responsibility possibilities that are in this cone and it's back here in the florida coastline that really is troubling because each computer model run has brought this closer to the florida coast. if that happens again, it's coming onshore. and right around melbourne florida, we really see some
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hurricane watch, as well. up through the carolinas and turning far enough away from us, that does not seem to be as big a risk at this point. this all takes into account a front coming in from the west and the interaction with a tropical tomorrow storm that's out there, as well. it can still change and that's why there's good variability here but the good news is the track has trended farther-out to sea, away from new england, but florida certainly in the danger zone, we'll talk about this and our forecast in a few minutes. >> matthew has already left mark and at least 7 people have been killed in the dominican re public and haiti and tonight tens of thousands of americans are preparing for the storm as it barrels through the caribbean. florida, georgia, south carolina all declaring states of emergencies. south carolina governor nikki haley says a million people could be evacuated from the carolina coast. florida governor rick scott activated the national guard and telling residents to prepare for power outages and evacuations. >> we are preparing for the worst, we're hoping for the best, and we're not gonna take
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haiti tonight, the orphanage named after brittany gingal of rutland who was killed in an earthquake in haiti survived matthew's wrath, more than 100 children and haitian residents stuck out the storm at the orphanage. other than power and senate outages, it's still standing right now. we will continue to track hurricane matthew throughout this newscast and online at an undercover police operation leads to shots fired then a widespread search for a search ended and an arrest was made. fox 25's ted daniel is in roslindale with the late, breaking news that police have captured their man. >> that second suspect accused of shooting at two undercover police officers was arrested around 10:00 tonight on south street in roslindale. that's just a few blocks from where the gaier was exchanged. >> it was echoing, like i said, we just got in really quick just
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i was very nervous because it sounded that close. >> reporter: multiple shots on newburgh street in roslindale near belgrade avenue late this afternoon. police say 25-year-old eric rasto gonzalez and another man opened fire on two undercover officers assigned to a task force targeting the sale of illegal weapons. >> i think it originated out of a house on that street and played out on the street. >> we think we were dealing with two dangerous individuals. we're very hurt. >> the other suspect was captured shortly after the shoot-out, but initially rasato gonzalez got away. a massive search was launched for him in roslindale near the west roxbury line. the s.w.a.t. team, k-9s and a state police helicopter circle hing above. >> nothing like this ever happens. we have a very quiet community here. >> reporter: dozens of residents forced to wait for hours until the search ended before they were allowed to return to their homes. this 8-year-old girl in tears
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>> i'm never -- i got here, she cry, cry, cry. >> i apologized for some of them, you know, for the streets being blocked and some access being denied, but we just want to make sure safe passage in the area was safe before we opened up the area. >> police are expected to remain in this neighborhood until the early hours of the morning. that's because they are going to search the home where the confrontation gonzalez and the other man arrested, they are both charged with assault with intent to kill a police officer. reporting in roslindale, ted
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tim kaine and his republican counterpart mike pence spar over the issues facing america in tonight's vice-presidential debate. >> we can get america moving again, put on top of that the kind of trade deal that will put the american worker first, and you've got a prescription for real growth. >> it's what i bring to the ticket, that experience having severedded at all levels of government, but my primary role is to be hillary clinton's right hand person. >> reporter: mr. kaine, a virginia senator, and mr. pence, the govern playing defense for their running mates. >> it's always about putting others first, and that's a sharp contrast with donald trump. donald trump always puts himself first. he built a business career, and in the words of one of his own campaign staffers, off the backs of the little guy. >> he went through a very difficult time but used the tax code just the way it's supposed to be used, and he did it brilliantly. >> reporter: governor pence feeling the pressure to defend donald trump's tax taxes.
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paying taxes and people saying he didn't pay taxes for years, donald trump has created tens of thousands of jobs, and he's paid payroll taxes... >> that was lauren blanchard reporting. joining me now is political historian tom wayland. we appreciate you stopping by. which candidate advanced their ticket tonight? i think it was more or less a draw, and i think pence, you know, he did a good job of kind of pairing off the real kind of blistering attacks on type thing, but at the same time, he really had no answer for kaine at end when he gave that kind of brilliant one-sentence question, why does donald trump not trust women. and i think that scored a major punch that really it's gonna resinate throughout the trump campaign. >> did anybody hurt their ticket tonight, or do you think this really isn't something that's gonna -- >> i think they collectively both hurt their tickets because they were so good tonight. relatively a civil debate, even
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voters think that, gee, maybe we have the wrong people at the wrong end of the ticket. >> talking about experience of hillary clinton saying she's a part taking down. -- oh osama bin laden. people have said national security is a problem for her. >> yeah, and he also mentioned trust, trust, trust several times. i think he did a good job, but then i think pence gave an effective counter-punch, he said is america safer today than it was? and i think a lot of peo it isn't at all. >> it's interesting, too, to see the candidates themselves for president watching this debate, not only were they watching it, they were tweeting about their vp running mates. >> it was an alison and wonderland type of approach here, and i think they probably undermind their vice-presidential candidates here. because it was about them tonight, not them but their own, shall we say, egos got in the way, and i think it reflects badly on them. >> i thought it was interesting
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will try to strike a, listen, i'll wake i'll hang back and make something appropriate to say. donald trump can be bombastic. tonight you saw tim kaine almost can't wait to get the answer out, want to get him hand up for the teacher at times and pence who would be, you know, holding resolve and being calm and everything else. >> so they were really opposite, you know, if opposites attract, that's why they're running mates. >> it's true. but also pence kind of not a politician, where he came off as the consonant politician tonight. >> anything that wasn't addressed that you think they should have taken a look at more? i wish they had gone over tax policy more. where are we gonna get all of this money for wonderful programs. >> you mean they weren't specific? >> i know. isn't it shocking? but i think person who had the highest bar to cross tonight was pence because let's face it, donald trump had a disastrous
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statements and he really needed to hit it out of the park tonight, and he just didn't do that. and in that sense, he is the loser. >> we showed earlier the two of them talking over one another. how much of that turns the audience off and perhaps turns the channel? well, especially now when we have play-off baseball it can be a turn-off. >> yeah, that's a thing that a lot of people on social media talking about tonight that this is evolving. i guess the name calling, and they talk about the n this he they say oh, you called our -- you know, back and forth, it's like you hear on the playground when you're a kid. these are candidates for vice-president and they still do this. don't they understand the people don't want that? it makes you think of barack obama/romney just four years ago, doesn't it. i was watching that debate thinking charlie baker would look awfully good as a presidential nominee. >> right. >> he said that -- he's not looking at that road. >> they all say that.
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interesting to see in his favorable approval rating right now and see how it all plays out down the road. that's the thing. we talked about it earlier, when they sat down at that desk tonight, it was almost as if you looked at them and say, okay, adults in the room. kids go and play in the other room, with very to talk politics. right, and you think boy this is gonna be a very problematic election because i think that so many people are sitting on the fence right now, they're really just gonna toss up a coin in the year to decide. >> bottomline from tonight, what did you take away? decent job, but not good enough. he stopped -- you know, well, he staunched the bleeding but didn't so it, the trump campaign. >> via political historian and author tom wayland, thank you. the real clear politics average has hillary clinton 4 points ahead of donald trump heading into their second presidential debate. that will happen on sunday, and it will air live right here on fox 25. hillary clinton attacked donald trump on the campaign
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soldiers, who suffer from mental health issues, might not be as strong as those who don't. clinton also told supporters from pennsylvania that trump is hiding more in his years of tax returns that still have not been released. >> someone who is claiming to run for president based on his business success should be judged by that business, and i think what we're finding out is deeply troubling. >> the latest polls show clinton pulling ahead among women voters, be especially white women in the suburbs of that's where she campaigned today with her daughter chelsea. donald trump meanwhile took aim at bill clinton on the campaign trail in arizona. monday mr. clinton called the affordable healthcare act the craziest thing in the world. the former president dialed back his rhetoric today but trump wasted no time pouncing. >> at least he's honest. he's very late. in the meantime, she wants to double down on obamacare. i'll bet he went through hell last night. >> bill clinton said so called
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many while cutting their coverage in half. again, the next presidential debate set for this sunday in st. louis. our live coverage on fox 25 begins at 9:00 p.m. a leading front up here and nice weather for a few days. the eye still in the caribbean, a major hurricane matthew, where this storm is expected to go and whether or not it will impact us, up next. vera called us and said the barrier is broken 11 months ago on the charles. it still has not been fixed. we went and verified this week. the reason the state says it's not so easy to replace them. an underaged drinking party takes place inside the police
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welcome back, here are the stories that broke today that we'll be following into wednesday. one person is dead after a robbery inside a home in lawrence. it happened just after 10:30 tonight. the district attorney announced that they did make an arrest in this case. the suspect will be arraigned in thmo there. we'll also be there to see if any more fallout regarding underaged drinking party involving the pawtuxet high school students. we know 16 girl soccer players have been suspended already. the party happened at the foxboro police chief's home and says his wife supervised students all night and told fox 25 one of the girls brought a bottle of vodka to a sleepover. now to a fox 25 investigation. november 7th, 2015, two people
11:56 pm
through a railing and into the charles river. this is video we shot this week of the scene and as you can see coming up right here, we should have this video for you shortly, there it is p, nothing has been repaired. >> reporter: it's hard to miss the cement jersey barriers along the crowded >> it's a pain, especially with two strollers to be able to get through. >> reporter: we watched a lot of people and things navigating the path that sits between the barriers and a light pole and utility box. the barrier's a temporary replacement for a railing along the charles and mcgrath o'brien highway. a crash took out several feet of the railing in november of last year. police say the driver of the pickup ran a red light before it went into the railing and into the river below. the young couple inside from providence rhode island did not survive.
11:57 pm
repairs. >> not very practical. >> sometimes, yeah, you feel that it's narrow. especially worry about that in the winter with the snow. >> reporter: fox 25 has learned this is no simple fix. mass-dot says the rail something part of the old charles river damn, which is listed in the -- charles river dam which is listed as historical places. the department of recreation got the design from mass-dot and working with a fabricator to make a match, which they hope to install by the in the meantime... >> you'll make due. >> it would be great it was taken care of. >> we asked the state how much it will cost to replace this piece of history and we are waiting for the dollar amount. they hope to have it done by the end of the year. kerry kavanaugh, fox 25 news. tonight we learned it would take $107,000 to fix the handrail. if you have a tip you want fox 25 investigates to look into, email us...
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a lot of hurricane matthew tonight, let's fly off to the caribbean, is shall we. sounds like a great idea, actually, to haiti and cuba. this is where the storm is hitting tonight, category iv, matthew has made two landfalls at that strength but now down to 130 miles per hour. down to 130 miles per hour, and forecast continues tracking northward. it has shifted a little bit to west of north at last check. and that's why the track shifts to the west a little bit, by 8:00 a.m., a category iv over very warm water, we'll have to watch for anything, kind of an intensification first thing in the morning. by 8:00, 130 miles per hour coming through the bahamas, hitting nassau during the nighttime, early-morning hours thursday. by the afternoon into grand bahamas freeport, and bahamas. but here is the threat from florida. hurricane warnings and watches
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of the possible track certainly encompasses the east coast of florida, and look how close the storm wants to track. category 3 major hurricane still by friday evening. now, if it follows the center line, it's just offshore of jacksonville, a slight jog to the west and every single model run has trended it a little bit to the west, onshore in eastern florida. it would be a total mess. it's already going to be messy but it would be much worse if it comes a little farther to the west. it could still go farther to the east, do this point, no at this juncture. it comes up through the carolinas, or by the carolinas as a category ii. major implication that this is inland already and starting to weaken dramatically or farther out to sea at this point. the center point keeps it right along the coastline and the official track keeps it going north-eastward, south of new england, farther out to the south, although, new england would be on the fringe of the western edge of these tracks, seems like we would be out of the woods at this point.
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and here is why. all those computer forecasts we put together as a spaghetti plot, all includesser -- clustered together into florida, one inland and that would be weakening over land. these then want to turn towards the northeast, except for a couple of those spaghetti plot models that are turning to the right and actually start coming southward, looping around. can that happen, yeah. if they run into a block in the atmosphere. the block would come in the form of this cold front. everything has been p on what this cold front is going to do. a faster movement could either sweep this out to sea or block it as it wants to do with some of these computer charts, if it were slower, it is could scoop it up and make an alley for the storm to come up here. that's why it's so hard to get a hurricane here. you need perfect conditions for it to move, and with the way the front is now moving, it would be pushed farther out to sea or blocked, and that's why the track has shifted when it gets past the carolinas farther east.


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